Rolls Royce Ghost rental New York City

Cruise through New York City in the shiny Rolls Royce Ghost


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Rolls Royce Ghost is a celebrated model that comes under the luxurious brand of Rolls Royce. It is one of the most demanded cars in the rental business. In posh areas like New York City, Miami, and New Jersey it is amongst the highly demanded ones. The impressive mechanism and engineering provide the rider with a smooth and comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads. The car has a 563hp Twin Turbo V12 engine, which makes it perfect for cruising through the roads of New York as well as Miami. The comfort and luxury that the car provides are beyond comparison and therefore create extraordinary demand in the market. Rolls Royce Ghost rental in New York City is thus the most favored amongst all.




The comfort and luxury of the car to its passenger are what keeps the car in demand over the years. According to popular choice Rolls Royce Ghost is among the most rented cars from Broadway Supercars. At Broadway Supercars you will get the perfect chance of experiencing the grandeur of the car at an affordable price of $1550/day. The comfortable sedan is best recommended for city commute that provides a seating capacity of five. Rolls Royce Ghost rental in New York City from the catalog and featured cars of Broadway Supercars is by far the best, due to our prices, our servicing and wide range of cars and customer friendly service. Let us take you through our specifications, and why we are better than our competitors.




Our prices

Our reputation and positive feedback that we have earned from our customers is mainly due to the prices that we offer for our cars. If you want a Rolls Royce Ghost rental in New York City, or any other place in the tri-state area, that we offer, we can guarantee you we will serve you with the best luxury cars at highly affordable rates.

Our servicing

Be heedless about the servicing and maintenance of the cars, we have it all covered for you, by our sister company Broadway Performance. They are specialized in maintaining the exotic cars at our store. So, whatever is your choice, know that we have it safety checked and maintained for you.

Wide range of cars

We have carefully selected and handpicked the best exotic and luxury cars from the most preferred range. It's your call, and know that we have it all set for you. You can check our featured cars and the wide range of cars that we provide on our website. The Rolls Royce Ghost rental in New York City or the other cities in the tri-state region is best served by us. 

Customer-friendly service

We create fabulous memories for our customers by renting them the car of their choice. We are always available at your service to make your journey significant. We provide white-glove services to our customers and also keep requests by providing a chauffeur along with the car for a VIP experience. We try to keep several models of highly demanded cars to avoid out-of-stock problems during occasions. The car of your dream, the Rolls Royce Ghost rental in New York City is thus our forte, so we encourage you to try our service for once and we can promise you won’t regret it.


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We provide several cars for different purposes. We have cars with family seating capacity as well as different cars suitable for couple rides. So if you're finally looking for the Rolls Royce Ghost rental in New York City or any other place in the tri-state area of NYC, New Jersey, or Florida; we are proud to tell you that your search is finally over. Feel free to check us out at our website and learn more about us.

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