We offer multiple car options and wedding specials . You can choose to drive one of our super cars yourself abs arrive at your wedding in style or get a chauffeur to drive you around . This includes pickup from your choice of location , drop off to your venue and then a pick up when your party is over .
  • Driving or being driven in a super car on your wedding day makes it so much more special
  • Your photographer and videographer will capture this memory for you forever
  • This is the extra special touch to wow your guests and arrive in style
  • We can arrange an appointment to our showroom so that you can choose the vehicle of your choice
Birthday parties
  • this is a great idea to either arrive at your party in style or spend the night driving the city in one of our super cars
  • People even book us for their sons bar mitZvahs , daughters sweet 16s or even a first birthday party for your baby . Park the car in front of the venue , have your guests take pictures and make this day a bit more memorable .
  • We can arrange a florist to decorate one of our cars and make it the centerpiece of your party.
  • Take your loved one on the ride of their life through New York City to celebrate .
Corporate events
  • We offer airport pickups
  • Vehicle delivery and pickup services
  • Chauffeur services
  • Supercar weekly / monthly rentals
  • Wow your corporate clients with a ride in one of our Supercars
Chauffeur services
  • Usually our 4 seater options are cars that we offer chauffeur services on
  • We can provide an hourly or daily chauffeur
  • Our chauffeur can be your concierge to take care of any of your needs , errands , and driving
Videos / Music videos
  • All of the cars in our fleet have been in some of the most viewed music videos
  • We can offer you a delivery service to your shoot or you can use our beautiful showroom
  • Our showroom is made to cater to all of your needs
  • We offer a green screen as well and you can use all of the cars in our showroom if booked in advance
Photography shoots
  • Use our vehicles to make your photo shoot more memorable
  • Stand out on your social media by taking a picture with our super cars
  • Our cars are used for anything from babies first photo shoots , modeling pictures and engagement pictures.